Year Three

Written By Rob Smith - April 29 2018


May 05 2018

Great post, Rob! You and the whole Van Run Co gang continue to inspire me to forge ahead in my own running specialty adventure. It’s not always easy to rise above, but I’m a believer in rising tides raising all ships. Working together is the only way we all truly succeed. Keep up the amazing work!

April 30 2018

Well said dude, I love everything about it. Before I moved down to Vancouver a bunch of people told me to come and check out Vancouver Running Co. and I’m sad that it took me nearly 4 months after moving.
I didn’t know what to expect and was stoked when I met the community and found so many like minded people. Keep it up you guys are doing an amazing job with everything.

April 30 2018

Inspiring words…love your store and how you position your brand…hope to cross paths again soon.

April 30 2018

Beauty mate, well put. Passion and perseverance are a potent combo.

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