RunAsYouAre FAQ

Vancouver Running Company Inc. is now RunAsYouAre.

Our run specialty shop welcomes everyone to the running world, offering top-notch run footwear, gear and run health services suitable for all, especially those just getting started.

But there's more to the story – we changed our name because we're more than a run specialty shop. We're building something new to help you run healthier and upgrade your running experience, whether you're just starting out or have already covered countless kilometres.

And here's the twist: We've got some developments in the works to elevate your running experience, all under the RunAsYouAre brand.

We're just starting, so stay tuned for what's coming next.

But for now, we know you may have a few questions. Let us answer these here:
If I purchased a gift card with Vancouver Running Co. can I still use it?
Yes! All previously purchased gift cards can be used instore and 

If I ordered for instore pick-up where can I go to pick-up my item?
All instore pick-up purchases can be collected at 2033 W4th Ave during regular business hours after Wednesday, December 6.

Can I still receive a shoe fitting instore?
Yes! In fact, it’s an even better experience than before. Come visit us at 2033 W4th Ave

How come I can’t shop on
Coming soon—look out for a fresh new ecommerce experience in January 2024. In the meantime all your favourite running products are available on

Who is RunAsYouAre?
RunAsYouAre was formerly known as Vancouver Running Co. We are the same great team (and more) serving you the very best running footwear, apparel and accessories. However, now we are also creating new and better ways to evolve the running experience. The focus of the run shop has slowly evolved over the last decade from running function to running fashion, but we see a world where both can co-exist. We are not just another run specialty shop. We aspire to be the premium destination that seamlessly blends retail, wellness, and experiences. And our expertise isn’t just talk; it’s backed by seasoned running and licensed health experts who understand the true meaning of running well.