Like the Wind
Like the Wind - Issue 13

Tearing hell for leather along a beach, pulled by an excited husky; lining up in the starting blocks for the 1992 Olympics men’s 10,000m; a gnarly ultra-marathon through the grounds of a former prison, and how a pair of pinging watches became a symphony inside a runner’s brain… We always say Like the Wind is about why we run, and we’re so proud of our collection of stories and images in issue 13, which spans the globe via track and trail.

We love to know what drives our readers, and we’ve curated sets of stories in this issue which focus on particular themes… so we follow three unsupported runners on epic running journeys through New Zealand and the United Kingdom, and elsewhere among the pages we look at the drive for the sub-three marathon. (Don’t pretend you haven’t thought about it.) We also hear about why running with your dog changes the nature of race day, how two Belgians have taken it upon themselves to run the length of the continent of America and enjoy the trails of the Aosta Valley.

Now, there’s something about the number 13 that provokes superstition… some runners and cyclists even pin on their bib upside down if they’ve been assigned 13. We couldn’t resist tackling this superstition head on – or even feet first – but you’ll need to see a copy of the magazine yourself to find out how we did it.

Because Like the Wind is a good old ink-and-paper title, there are a limited number of copies. When they are gone, they’re gone forever. Furthermore, the magazine is skill-fully printed on uncoated FSC accredited paper. We care at least as much for the planet as we do for running on its surface.


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